Company Introduction

Tui Industries is an Australian company established in 2001 to provide industrial rotating machinery condition monitoring services. The head office is located in Brisbane and a support centre to aid with analysis, installations, and manufacturing is located in the Philippines.  Tui Industries operates in New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, and all states of Australia.  The company is currently planning and undergoing expansion into the rest of Asia.

The company’s core condition monitoring product called ozWatch® consisting of hardware, software and 24/7 engineering support, was developed to progress beyond the commonly used manual vibration sampling technique that has inherent drawbacks with inaccuracy, reliability and inconsistency. ozWatch® allows Tui Industries to continuously monitor your equipment and to provide you with early warnings of condition degradation. 

ozWatch® is a centralised dynamic information system, accessible anywhere, anytime that provides a vastly superior continuous assessment of plant condition. ozWatch® is the most cost effective solution available for Condition Based Management of rotating machinery.


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